A Multi-functional Space for All Creatives

   For business professionals there are a multitude of opportunities to set up shop, create an office space and use resources, in a desired location.

Professionals and enthusiasts in the Performance, Fine, or Visual Arts, Wellness, Fitness, Music Industries, etc. do not
have an industry specfic option like WeWork or Regus. At most, one can rent space from a dance studio or gym, at expensive hourly rates and limited time frames.

Providing an affordable and accessible (space) studio rental will allow one to thrive in varying endeavors in a dominating (business) “professional” world, while thriving in the gig economy.​

VAST was created out
of a need for space! A space that many people could call home. A space conveniently located right outside of our major city, Washington DC. An open, multi-functional space where artists and creatives of varying genres, can create, fulfill and/or maintain their independent craft.

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